Life Improvement Course Packs

Below is a list of all the Life Improvement Courses we offer, divided into areas - Ethics & Survival, Goals & Purposes, Survival & Prosperity, Marriage and Children. Simply click on the area that interests you to find out more.

 Ethics and Survival
 > Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life    > Personal Values & Integrity
 > Knowing Who You Can Trust         > How to Achieve Self-Confidence
 > How to Improve Relationships with Others

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  • "I now feel happy, social, enthusiastic and generally more positive about everything... and just better equipped to be me!"
  • "I was very pleasantly surprised at how easily Dianetics works in practice."
  • "The team at Wealden House are very motivated towards helping you find the right path for you."
  • "Not only am I happy, and achieving all my goals, I know that I am now 'me' and I think that is the thing I am most grateful for."