"I would like to thank everyone at Wealden House and to acknowledge the incredible value of the help I have been given here since starting services.

I think all the circumstances are met here to be helping anyone in their existence on such an individual basis, and by amazing people that it cannot fail.

I think places like Wealden House are a real blessing!

Thanks for your immense humanity Lizzy, Angie and Lauren and everyone at Wealden!"

I.P. Architectural Student


"Wealden is one of the only places that I can walk out of feeling so much happier then when I walked in and actually find myself setting tasks for myself and wanting to handle myself on the walk home."

D.B. Artist


"Seeing all the staff at Wealden House fills me with great admiration and respect because of the dedication and the technical ability from everyone."

D.H. Photographer


"The team at Wealden House are very motivated towards helping you find the right path for you, and are a totally rational, un-judgemental and incredible cheerful group of people."

K.K. Optician


"When I arrived at Wealden House 2 ½ years ago, my business had collapsed, I wasn’t speaking to my family, my fiancée and I were continually breaking up and making up and, if I’m honest, I was on the edge of a precipice.

Today, I have well and truly reversed direction. I’m getting married later in the year and together we are creating a new business doing something we love. I’m back in communication with my family and the things which were confusing and upsetting me before are disappearing."

A.G. Investor


"Right from the beginning everything I read made complete sense, and everything I read prompted me to want to read more!

I now run my own successful business, I am married and have a baby on the way.

Not only am I happy, and achieving all my goals, I know that I am now ‘me’ and I think this is the thing that I am most grateful for."

L.C. Mother


"Dear Lizzy, Lauren, Angie and Susan,

You guys are a great team!

Thank you Lizzy so much for all of your help. I was literally going out of my mind and you have brought me back from the brink. (Dramatic I know, but I am an actor).

You are all so great and I already miss being at Wealden!"

R.S. Actor


"In a desperate state I picked up the Yellow Pages and saw the advert for Wealden House. The person on the other end of the phone was very helpful and we agreed that I would start a course in 2 days.

I came in very apprehensive but decided that I should go in with open eyes and with a  willingness to get better. I had no understanding of Scientology and was worried about what I had let myself in for. I needn’t have worried.

I feel now that using what I have learned about the techniques of Scientology I could make a decision and stick to it, knowing that it is the right one.

I am now confident that I have done the right thing in taking these services to ensure I carry on with my life as better person.

I only wish I had done it sooner! Thank you very much!"

J.S. Builder


"I strongly recommend anyone that read this, to not give up and consider what Wealden has to offer as it has helped me so much and if I had not come in and done the personalised program to get back on track, I would not be writing this letter with great contentment. Thank you so much!!!!!!"

 T.P.S. Event Organizer


"I was looking out over the world early this morning and feeling 'LIFE IS GREAT’ and that I could and was handling everything I needed to. And then thought I probably would not have been in the state I am if it were not for Lizzy and the team at Wealden.

Over the years the help that I have had has been phenomenal. From the one to one help I received on the courses to all the auditing and not forgetting all the help and advice with just general life stuff. I truly feel that all of the help and advice has put me in such a much better place to deal with my day-to-day problems.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the help you have given to me. You have made a massive difference.

So 'Thank you all'!!!!!!!!!"

G.P. Company Director

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  • "I now feel happy, social, enthusiastic and generally more positive about everything... and just better equipped to be me!"
  • "I was very pleasantly surprised at how easily Dianetics works in practice."
  • "The team at Wealden House are very motivated towards helping you find the right path for you."
  • "Not only am I happy, and achieving all my goals, I know that I am now 'me' and I think that is the thing I am most grateful for."