Success and Happiness is there a proven route?…

 There is. It's open for all


Someone who is honest and outspoken will accomplish his goals far easier than someone who is dishonest and withdrawn. Living up to your own ideals is a sure road to success.

But how does one live up to them?

Learn the underlying reasons that people lose personal integrity and withdraw from others. Discover the told that can turn your life around and make you happier, more productive, prosperous.

On this course you will learn:

  • How to determine your own personal values, and how those values influence your life.
  • The exact definitions of good and evil, right and wrong, and how you can use this knowledge to lead a happier and more successful life.
  • How to restore your personal integrity, improve conditions in your life and help others improve theirs.


This course is your opportunity to make those dreams a factual reality. With the know-how to handle the causes behind your misfortunes, you can change your life for the better and make those a thing of the past.



"I have just completed the Personal Values and Integrity course. This means I have gained a variety of knowledge, which I can apply to life in order to improve my survival.

I know now about ethics and morals (and the difference between them). I have an ethical code which I can follow. I also have new data on integrity and how it relates to my knowledge and observations. Finally I have tools to use to sort out my transgressions and help me live a happier life."



"This has been a great experience for me and something I very much needed although at first I was adamant that I know about ethics, in fact I did not really get it until I did this course.

Leaning while doing it on a one to one basis on this course has been brilliant because I have been able to talk things through as they have come up and have had a  great perspective on it which has kept me on my toes.

What I know understand about the areas of my life has give me great stability in the way I organize my life and how I can solve problems. I am more awre that there is always something I can do about things.  Through being honest with work colleagues while editing/making a film, I have managed to turn situations around where I had broken agreements. The Code of Honour is such a brilliant thing to have and I can keep referring back to it. This helps me realize how I want to be."



"After finishing the Personal Value and Integrity course it has really helped me to realize what things I need to acknowledge in every day life, about myself and what others say to me.

This course also helps you to decide on some undecided ethics for yourself. It has really opened my eyes."



"I have just completed the Personal Values and Integrity course and the final practical at the end of it. I leant some great stuff on this course have had a few realizations. I have noticed myself already applying it in my life and I can see how it works. Also I confronted a HUGE HORRIBLE part of my life while doing the final practical and feel hugely liberated. It can only get better from here. I actually feel lighter!"


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  • "I now feel happy, social, enthusiastic and generally more positive about everything... and just better equipped to be me!"
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